Our selection of mutual funds allows you to create a portfolio allocation to suit your risk profile

Investment Solutions.

Mutual Funds

Lakson Investments manages 6 open-end mutual funds investing across Pakistan Debt and Equity markets. For domestic investors we also offer International funds to our domestic clients.  Our Pakistan funds include:
– A Long Only Equity Fund (LEF)
– A Money Market Fund (LMMF)
– A High Yield Credit Fund (LIF)
– A Conventional and a Shariah compliant Tactical Asset Allocation Fund and an Asset Allocation Fund which invests in overseas markets (LAADMF)

Lakson Managed Accounts

Lakson Managed Accounts are segregated mandates and are tailor made to suit the needs of the client.  We work with each client to determine their specific risk-return profile and create with them the right customised portfolio for them with the desired direct exposure to sovereign debt, corporate papers, bank placements, equities and other securities as deemed appropriate.

Lakson Private Equity

Lakson Private Equity Fund (“LPEF”) provides growth capital to rapidly developing businesses with a discernible competitive advantage, strong management and credible stakeholders seeking to grow their enterprises. LPEF is led by a senior team of partners with extensive domestic and international experience.

Lakson Venture Capital

Lakson Venture Capital is our newest Fund and will work with our team of over 50 experienced professionals and seek to leverage the vast operational experience of the Lakson Group.  Over 14,000 people are employed by Lakson in Pakistan in businesses across sectors such as: Technology, Broadcast and Print Media, FMCG, Insurance, and QSR.

Lakson Business Principles

  • Our investors’ interests always come first.  We believe that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.
  • Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business.  We demand that  our people maintain high ethical standards.
  • Our commitment to our clients, integrity, professional excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork will set us apart.
  • Our firm’s success is shared with all employees as bonuses are paid not to just top management but to all of those who helped us outperform including standard administrative and clerical personnel.
  • Our goal is to achieve superior returns to our shareholders, doing so allows us to be profitable and to build our capital thereby attracting and keeping the best people.
  • Our business is highly competitive and we will aggressively seek to expand our client servicing capabilities and offer new solutions to improve the ways in which we manage assets.  We are always fair competitors and will never denigrate other firms.

As a part of the Lakson umbrella, Lakson Investments has a responsibility to protect and reinforce Lakson’s corporate legacy. Our experience, reputation, principles, and commitment to integrity and independence not only set us apart, they are what drive us to succeed. We are acutely aware of the reputational risk the entire group will shoulder if we do not manage to perform at the highest level or put the interests of our investors first.

Company rating

AM2+ by PACRA (27-02-2019)

Business office

Lakson Square, Building # 2,
Sarwar Shaheed Road,
Karachi-74200. Pakistan,
Phone: +92.21 111.525.766,
Fax: +92.21 35687653




Large Sized Company as defined in Schedule V of the Cos. Ord., 1984

Registration number


Registered office

14 – Ali Block, New Garden Town, Lahore

Legal officer

Salim Gulam Husein


Deloitte Yousuf Adil Chartered Accountants

Investment Edge and Philosophy

Investment Process

  • Discernible investment process which can generate alpha on a sustainable basis
  • Top-down view on macroeconomic environment allows us to identify major investment themes
  • On-the-ground coverage with regular company visits
  • This is combined with a fundamental bottom up analysis to cherry pick companies from each sector

Discipline & Strategy

  • Process allows us to take a long-term view and invest early in our favourite themes
  • Investment themes and analysis are used to pick stocks that represent c.80% of our portfolios
  • Follow strict guidelines for target prices where we reassess assumptions once value has been realised
  • Strive to be value investors who can identify catalysts for price action
  • Goal is to generate absolute returns while prioritising a rigorous risk management process

Conflict Free

  • No affiliation with any bank or broker
  • No in-house proprietary trading desk
  • No lending relationships with corporate clients
  • 1/3 of the board is comprised of members with no affiliation with the Lakson group


  • One of the largest research teams of any asset manager in Pakistan
  • Firewall between investments and research to maintain objectivity
  • In-house research is not distributed to third parties
  • Fundamental analysis drives our investment view